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Top 10 Carnival!

Carnival is a day to let the imagination fly and the day you can be whoever you want to be. It is celebrated around the world, with different traditions and celebrations. Do you already know them all?
We bring you a selection of what we believe are the best Carnival celebrations in the world!
Carnival in Venice
The Carnival of Venice is the quintessential carnival of Italy. It is an evocative popular festival considered unique for its history, costumes and atmosphere. Known and appreciated all over the world, the festival also attracts thousands of tourists every year.
During these two weeks anyone can attend and be part of the numerous events and demonstrations in the squares of the city veneta. Private parties and costume balls are organized inside the noble palaces of the city. In these palaces, where it seems that time has stopped, guests can immerse themselves in the ancient splendors and relive the traditions of the carnival of yesteryear.
Carnival in Brazil
The splendor of Brazilian culture dresses four days before Ash Wednesday, forty days before Holy Week, to surprise us with a celebration that surpasses the imagination, the Carnival of Brazil, with its rich manifestations nationwide. Colors, music, cultural traditions, the Samba, are accommodated throughout the country to revive their ancestors.
The most famous and largest carnival in the world; there is no country that enjoys this celebration like them. Thousands of tourists travel every year on these dates to enjoy the show. The whole country is mobilized and involved, participating from samba schools to large groups of dancers, who build spectacular floats and compete based on music, costumes and thematic.
Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago
The carnival of Trinidad is often compared to that of Rio. It is one of the most beautiful in the world and, of course, the most spectacular in the Caribbean, a classic destination for carnival. Although the festivities begin two days before Ash Wednesday, the preparations begin from the beginning of the year with the creation of fantastic costumes and rehearsals of dances and music. From the month of December, the inhabitants are impregnated with the euphoria of the carnival. Decorated floats parade in a city that only lives to the rhythm of the steelbands, noisy music bands composed of reused drums (barrels of oil). Truck trailers with batteries and booming amplifiers also parade, since the ultimate goal is to produce as much noise as possible.
Carnival in New Orleans
The New Orleans carnival begins one day before Ash Wednesday and is known as "Mardi Gras" (Fat Tuesday) because it was the last day before Easter to enjoy the meals.
The Carnival season in New Orleans begins on the night of the Epiphany, when some carriages, masked balls and the famous "king cake" already appear. Krewes is the name given to associations, clubs or guilds, which organize the parades, route and choreography of Mardi Gras, and their work includes from the making of the floats, to sewing uniforms, and buying the trinkets that, according to tradition, they throw themselves at people during parades.
Carnival in Tenerife
The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is one of the most recognized in Spain.
It has two distinct parts, the "official" carnival and the street carnival. The official carnival has more than 100 groups with an average of 50 components each: murgas, comparsas, costume groups, rondallas and musical groups.
Thousands of people go out every day to the street to participate with a disguise. They dance to the rhythm of the orchestras and trendy Caribbean rhythms throughout the night. People enjoy the streets every night for more than a week!
Carnival in Madeira
The Madeira Carnival has always been celebrated with a strong enthusiasm. Traditionally there are two main Carnival parades in Madeira, which are very different from each other. The allegorical parade, which is always held on Saturday, is the most sophisticated and needs a high degree of commitment and organization of all the groups and people involved.
Numerous groups of samba with thousands of participants, dance through the streets of Funchal and manage to create an atmosphere that evokes the Carnival of Rio. The second parade, called 'Trapalhão', is older and takes place all over the island, where everyone can participate in the parade and the costumes are left to the imagination of the people.
Carnival in Nice
The Carnival of Nice is one of the main carnival events in the world, along with the great Carnival of Brazil and the Carnival of Venice. It is held annually in February in Nice, on the French Riviera. The first records establish its existence since 1294, when the Count of Provence, Carlos de Anjou, spent "the happy days of Carnival". This probably makes the Carnival of Nice one of the most original carnival celebrations. Today the event attracts more than one million visitors to the French city every year, and lasts for 2 weeks. This Carnival stands out for its spectacular parade; it is undoubtedly a good season to visit Nice.
Carnival in Maastricht
The Carnival in Maastricht, in the Netherlands, begins with two traditional acts: the raising of the flag and a salvo of up to eleven cannon shots. The two are celebrated in the famous Vrijthof, the most beautiful and well-known square in the city for its monuments and its cafés. From there, begins the long and almost endless cavalcade of floats, called Boonte Storrem.
The event lasts three days, Sunday is officially the first day of Carnival, and it is when the great parade takes place, which is a colorful cavalcade with a great display of floats and participants. Carnival Monday focuses more on the children and on Tuesday the party continues until the evening, when all the celebrations in the bars of the city end.
Carnival in Cologne
The Cologne Festival is one of the most important cultural events in Germany. It is considered the fifth season of the year, starting on November 11, although the authentic festival, the "crazy days", start on Carnival Thursday with the Weiberfastnacht. The highlight of the Colonial Carnival is the Rosenmontag, at which time the Cologne Triumvirate parades, "das Dreigestirn", where the Virgin, the Prince and the Peasant, previously chosen by the organizing committee.
Carnival in Gualeguaychú
In Gualeguaychú live the busiest carnival in Argentina. The celebration in the capital of the carnival in the country takes place every Saturday in January and February, in a show of three comparsas with 200 artists on stage, feathers, glitter and batucadas. With a mega show, the Queen of the edition is crowned and a gold pin is presented for the best performance.
The costumes, carriages and their people that make it a perfect place. And thousands of people from all over Argentina and the world can participate in one of the country's most popular celebrations, which reflect the local spirit in a way that can only be expressed through carnival.

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