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NYEPI DAY, silent day in Bali

What is this NYEPI?
Nyepi is the day of silence for the Balinese, especially the Indus. The Nyepi commemorates each Isakawarsa or the new year of the Saka calendar. It is an Indu tradition that is celebrated mostly in Bali; the inhabitants destine the day theoretically to meditate and fast. And I say theoretically because for many it is a day that serves as an excuse to gather all day at home with loved ones and have fun.
There is a series of rituals that are followed during the day of Nyepi, there are even temple cops who watch for everyone to follow the traditions, there are even prison sentences for those who do not respect the ceremony.
  • Prohibited to work
  • Travel prohibited
  • Respect the fast
  • Forbidden to have fun
  • Forbidden to make fires or use lights, including electricity
According to the legend, the bad spirits spend that day on the island, and the only way to pass by is to go unnoticed. So much is the conviction for these rituals, that even the Ngurah Rai International Airport remains closed throughout the day.
Although not everything is silence and meditation; The night before the day of silence, the inhabitants take to the streets to participate in the Ngrupuk parade with different Ogoh-Ogoh (giant statues). For many, this day is the celebration of the year, a night full of joy and fun. A mix between the fallas and the procession of Easter made in Bali.
Selamat hari raya Nyepi
- enjoy the silence –

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