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Mindfulness, fashion or science?

Mindfulness, they say that it is the new way of seeing life, fashion that comes to stay. A set of millenary oriental meditation techniques and is summarized as something as simple as living with full attention. As if your life depended on it!

This is how forceful and profound Jon Kabat-Zinn, promoter of Mindfulness in the West, states his opinion. He speaks like a guru, but this molecular biologist is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Massachusetts, a researcher and has managed to integrate the techniques of relaxation, meditation and full consciousness into treatments for stress, chronic pain, anxiety, panic, alleviating the effects of cancer or heart disease. His life project is consolidated with the creation of the Clinic for Stress Reduction and the Center for Full Care for Medicine at the University of Massachusetts. All this is an unquestionable endorsement for the most skeptical, those who, attached to individual or social beliefs, close the doors of this new way to approach happiness...


That friend who insists on taking you to yoga, an acquaintance who, after an episode of stress, begins to practice meditation... Surely you've heard about Mindfulness... Nowadays, more and more people are looking forward to live a full life, day-to-day, without having to wait for summer holidays! Even Monday, can be lived in "mindfulness" and the key is in our hands. Full awareness is exercised by paying attention actively in the present moment and without judging. Developing the ability to embrace the reality of things is healing and transforming, changing our brain, as neurological research shows.


The key to start a life more mindfulness? Pay maximum attention to breathing.


Observe, accept without judging, without retaining. Long silences to meditate, paying attention to the breath, to our body, to our thoughts and emotions... identify them, accept them and continue breathing... And so, every day.


The best thing is that, in addition, mindfulness enhances creativity!


It is an emerging field of research, but there are studies that relate mindfulness with creativity through increasing, modifying or diminishing certain variables, such as:


  • The increase attention, emotional regulation, feeling of well-being, positive emotions and having an openmind to new experiences. And all this, enhances creativity.

  • It modifies brain structures in the prefrontal cortex, complex behaviors, personality traits, executive function. And all these, enhances creativity.

  • Decreases stress, anxiety, neuroticism. And all these, enhances creativity.


That's why... today we recommend you to open your mind, listen to different music, read about new ideas, color mandalas as if you were a child, eat foods that resonate within and... feel grateful, every day, for the little things, like enjoying a new Lonbali bag with your favorite sticker.

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