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In today's post we have proposed to prepare ourselves in time for this splendid summer that is approaching. Therefore, we have selected for you the best app's of the moment to get fit and take care your nutrition from your mobile! Isn’t it great?
The best fit App's!
8 fit
It is our favorite app, a fitness app and of healthy food. You plan both, the exercise routine and the food you should eat, including the recipes step by step and even generate the shopping list you have to do in orde to prepare it!
For the exercises we will need only a quiet place (in our house, on the terrace, in the garden, ...)
The sessions of 8fit are inspired by CrossFit and other disciplines, proposing intense and varied exercise in 6 types of sessions: tabatas, intervals on time, intervals to repetitions, hard stop, functional and metabolic race.
Sweat With Kayla
Kayla Itsines is an Australian girl of only 25 who, working as a personal trainer in a gym, knows how to listen to her clients who had other needs to achieve their goals. Thus she ended up creating her own method of focused exercises for the areas that most affected them. Her method worked so well that it was spread everywhere via word of mouth and more and more people were interested in her routine. So, to reach more people, she decided to create the Bikini Body Community.
It is an application for our smartphone or tablet, and also works on the computer, which offers a training system with our body weight aimed at the goal we want to achieve, whether it is to gain strength, lose fat or both at the same time.
In addition, it differs from other applications because it is a community of free athletes that compete with each other through its points system. In addition, like the other app's cited, the exercises can be done anywhere without limitations of material, time or space. The application itself is what suggests the approach we should give to our training according to the objectives we want to achieve.
Mammoth Hunters
Mammoth Hunters creates a program based on the latest scientific discoveries on human physiology and its evolution. According to its creators it has been designed to eliminate the barriers that prevent us from playing sports and eating well. It promises to adapt to our pace of life and motivate us to achieve our goals. Like the other app's, we do not need anything more than our body to train it with high intensity exercises.
Finally we leave you not an app, but a website that is also fantastic when it comes to getting started with our set-up for summer!
Virtual Gym by Patry Jordan
Patry Jordan is a blogger and youtuber well known in Spain who started giving beauty advice and now she has created this very complete web (www.gymvirtual.com) of exercise and healthy lifestyle.
This website is a real free online gym where we can exercise at home following their videos. The videos are of short duration and are divided by area of ​​the body that is worked and by material that is needed, which in most cases are few.
Another plus, is that each month creates a calendar to follow a routine to meet your goals. You can also track your progress through social networks on your Instagram profile @gymvirtual_com.

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