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October... a month of personal, professional reunions and, above all, "we embrace" with smiling half face the return to routine. We left aside last month, in which, still confused, we return to jog around the world, forgetting the sunsets and the salt in our hair to get back on our feet with more enthusiasm than ever. But what happens when your mind does not stop comparing those moments of freedom with the hours anchored in the office?


This post is aimed at you, those who work, study, are mothers, sisters, and truly warriors in times of war! So with our hand in our heart, we recommend you with whispers in your ear what we all want... EXIT the city. Search for silence. Yes, Silence! And focus on ourselves to keep a little balance, our peace and get a brand new smile.


Here are three recommendations to escape alone or as a couple or with friends. The choice is yours! Grab a book, squeeze the clutch and say goodbye to the city this long weekend.


Aire de Bardenas (Tudela, Spain).


A hotel to dream away from the world. This small oasis is located in the middle of the desert next to the Natural Park of the Bardenas Reales, about 7 kilometers from Tudela. Characterized by the views of its wheat fields and a harmony created in symbiosis with its architecture, design and comfort as well as good food! The hotel has its own vegetable garden, offering a healthy menu to top off your detox escape. Aire de Bardenas is, without a doubt, an idyllic place in which to disconnect and enjoy the company of oneself isolated from the urban earthquake. The most incredible? In addition to offering independent cubicles, this hotel has become the star destination and never better said. You can enjoy a private space observatory in its bubble rooms and feel like a true astronaut.


Les Cols Pavellons (Olot, Catalunya).


Located in the Olot area, in Catalunya. This little hotel becomes a sacred farm for its peace and surrealist architecture and design with its five pavilions modeled in glass and steel, creating an almost transcendental experience. It stands out not only for its obvious charm but also for complementing it with a restaurant with two Michelin stars in the hands of chef Fina Puigdevall. A piece of information to highlight? The big question arises when you enter the room ... Where is the bed? Well, there is not. Or at least until night. They already told us that less is mor and in short, it is the essence of this charming hotel. You can also enjoy the sky at night and get excited about the stars and the immensity of the universe.


La Granja (Ibiza, Spain).


Because these islands makes us fall in love over and over again; always. Year after year. With its dreamy beaches and an energy that no money can ever buy. But a room sure will book! We reveal the new place that everyone is talking about. It's La Granja. A hotel located near San Miquel with the purpose of creating a retreat for its members dedicated to the cultivation of art, crops and interior gardens. Characteristic for preserving classic Iberian architecture, it has only 6 rooms that make up the country house. This concept fosters a spirit of organic union with "slow-eating" workshops, yoga or lectures on various topics. This place tucks you up and lets you develop your way. Discover the other part of Ibiza and fall in love with the island in a way you've never known.


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