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BALI | Vol. I Canggu

You asked us a lot… and finally we bring you Volume I of the definitive guide for BALI!
And who better than Marc, who has been living there a long time, to show us the Island of the Gods! From the busiest places to the most local places, you won’t miss anything. As there are many details we want to tell you, we have decided to divide into several volumes so as not to leave anything behind.
In this chapter of Bali, we are going to focus more on the area of south-west of the island, specifically in Canggu. This are is known as the most Hipster area of the island, where many foreigners from different countries of the world decide to spend a sabbatical year ore ven retiring.
CANGGU: you can find 5 different beaches: Pererenan, Echo Beach, Oldmans, Batu Bolong and Berawa. All offer the possibility of surfing in its volcanic sands. The area is good both for the passionate surfer and for the very beginner, especially Batu Bolong Beach, where the waves are somewhat simple than the others in the area. In all the beaches you will find where to take an always appetizing coconut, sun beds or even where to snack.
  • YOGA: you will enjoy some yoga sessions in Desa Seni or Samadi
  • SURF: if you're passionate about surfing, you can not leave without trying the waves in this area!
  • MOTOR: mandatory stop at Deus Ex-Machina (Sundays have concerts starting at 6pm)
  • BE CHOCOLATE: in Berawa you will find the paradise of Belgian chocolate!
  • TOURISM: many say that you can not leave without visiting the temple of Tanah Lot, although it is forbidden on Sundays, you will find a tide of people!
  • EXCURSIONS: if you like to ride a horse, you have the option of enjoying the sunset riding on the beach!
  • WORKOUT: A crossfit session in Bali Fit Canggu or S2S Crossfit
  • BEAUTY: Sofia Spa, Gold Dust Beauty Lounge, Waroeng Djamoe Spa & Healing Center
Desa Seni (Yoga Retreat)
Sejuk Beach Villas
Hotel Frii
Crate Cafe (Hispterland)
Betelnut (Healthy-Vegan)
Monsieur Spoon (The best croissant on the island)
Ruko Cafe
La Laguna
La Vista Echo Beach
Fins Beach Club Canggu
The Lawn Canggu
La plancha (15 min from Canggu)
Sofia Spa
Gold Dust Beauty Lounge
Waroeng Djamoe Spa & Healing Centre
In case you like to inquire on your own, we recommend you to take a look at The Bali Bible, which have their own website and social networks, you can even download the app where they share a large list of recommendations. Very specialized in this area are also the girls of The GU Guide in case you want to take a look. On the other hand, Instagram accounts like @Baligoofficial, @Explorebali or @Thebaliguideline could also help you find that corner that you would not like to miss on your trip.

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