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Oman, 5 essentials and 1 adventure in the most fascinating Arabia

Waters of intense blue, seas of golden dunes in impassable deserts, oases of turquoise color, old cannons to lean out while negotiating the purchase of a carpet ... this is the place, capable of seducing anyone.
Located in the southwest of Asia and on the southeast coast of the Arabian peninsula, Oman has a very old past for which they feel profoundly proud of. Its strong sense of identity and great prudence in its forms, forge the personality of its people ... Beyond the walls of its capital, this cozy changing landscape extends, always in transit between the desert and the warm Indian Ocean.
Oman proudly shows its customs without the grandiloquences or shrillness to which most Arab countries have accustomed us. The low cities of Oman preserve their traditional charms and Bedouin values ​​remain at the heart of an Omani welcoming. With a generous natural beauty, from spectacular mountains, deserts to the wind and a pristine coast, Oman is the obvious choice for those who seek the modern face of Arabia and feel their oldest soul.
Sergio Viladomiu, our travel expert, tells us that Sultan Qaboos has been considered the architect of the country's progress towards modernity -from his coup d'état without bloodshed in 1970-. Since then, the country has risen to the level of its most prosperous neighbors and enjoys excellent hospitals, universities, hotels, a magnificent network of roads and even the most remote populations have electricity.
It is a peaceful, stable destination with a wide range of experiences for the visitor: stunning solitary beaches, landscapes incomparable in their shapes and colors, ancestral cultural traditions, spectacular religious architecture and friendly people. Visit a souk and take in all the colors and crafts.
Miles and miles of blue coastline and clear sand, dotted with small fishing boats, palm trees and their cozy shadows and all day ahead to decide where to stop ... Mountains that rise to the highest, hypnotizing aquamarine wadis and golden sand dunes. Do you still doubt that Oman is one of the best destinations in the Middle East?
This is the plan:
The Wahiba desert in camel. 14,000 kilometers of tan dunes, only 200km from the capital. Winding silhouettes of dromedaries crossing calmly on the horizon, even with a bit of luck you will find a group of Bedouins on horseback. Glamping under the stars with a super appetizing local luxury.
Wadi Shab, or the new color of your life, the turquoise of the desert oasis. You will be impressed by the beauty of the wadis, a true oasis that runs between the mountains forming natural pools located at different levels. In the superiors, it is possible to bathe; the experience is memorable.
Muscat, the capital, offers very interesting corners, museums to visit and stroll, you can not miss the Oman Museum, which shows the visitor everything about the city and the Great Mosque of Sultan Qaboos, one of the largest in the world.
Middle Eastern style shopping, take note: the markets of Mutrah and Ruwi.
And taking advantage of the fact that we are in the area, do not miss the Ruwi Clock Tower, spectacular, both day and night, with incomparable sunsets.
There is still more. Do you want to try an adventure in the desert? Oman has all the ingredients to live a natural adventure. Leaving the city we have headed to the Al Hajar mountain range, one of the most spectacular regions of Oman from where you can drive up to Jebel Shams, the highest mountain in the country, with 3005m. This area is the ideal starting point for adventure travelers and also a treasure for the history and culture enthusiasts where you can explore the cities of Nizwa (Nizwa Fort), Bahla, Jabreen Castle and Fort Bahla protected by UNESCO .
After a couple of nights of glamping in the mountains, our expert wanderlust Sergio Viladomiu, of Villas del Mundo-Travel Experiences, leads us to Wahiba Sands, the desert of Oman, where we have been able to enjoy the experience of sleeping in some luxury tents and driving through the huge dunes that reach more than 100 meters high. The views are ... There are no words!
To end our trip we headed to the Musamdam Peninsula. Objective: rest and enjoy the best beaches in the country in contrast to the desert and more than 20km of fjords with transparent water and without waves.
Oman is an ideal destination for trips of families and couples, we all find the ingredient that will makes us fall in love with the trip, the place and its people. Its culture, the endless beaches or that taste of exotic adventure, among many other things ... you choose!
Have you fallen in love with Oman? We sure have ..

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