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Maldives, today we travel to the blue paradise, are you coming with us?

Paradise awaits for you in Maldives! Peek through the window of the plane and see an infinite blue map dotted with countless green points surrounded by white sand. This is how Maldives welcomes you! They say that its waters should give name to a new pantone ... layers and layers of different turquoises, white sand, happy doing nothing and cult to the spirit. This is the plan for the next few days!
Most of us visualize very specific images of Maldives. Atolls and coral funds, diving that surpasses any imagined experience in one of the world's marine paradises. Its slow waters, the sands, the palm trees, the over-water villas... when you put your feet on the islands, any image is left behind and you start to live the #MaldivesExperience. A tip, let it flow...
They say that Maldives displays the sweet mantle of happiness over its visitors. Time takes on another dimension ... problems and worries are put on pause without effort, the horizon is wider and the hours longer ... the reality is that these islands, with a maximum altitude of just 2 meters, cover every moment of a sensation of eternity that invites you to let yourself go.
Greet the sun with a morning session of yoga touching the sea, dive into its waters and discover a universe of coral reefs populated by the most beautiful and exotic fishes of the Indian Ocean, enjoy peace and scenery with the elixir of happiness in each cocktail, in the shade, or in the sun. See spend time with the feeling of having taken advantage of it as few times. And to say goodbye to the day with another session of yoga thanking all the lived. In Maldives there is time for everything and to be part of every scenario offered by nature.
Navigate over the bluest ocean your retina has ever seen, visit beaches beyond the last beach, or enjoy a sophisticated and super romantic picnic in the shade of some palm trees on a white sand beach, with no one else on the horizon with whoever you decide ...
This paradise has been transformed to offer, from the hand of the best hotel, a 360 degree experience to its visitors. Nobody is indifferent. Enjoy all the water activities in an almost incomparable environment or you could just rest and wait for the sun to return ... you choose!
Maldives gives name to a new concept of luxury: it is the ecololux. Hotels suspended over the sea, independent villas, infinite walks on the dock. Egyptian cotton, white fabrics, natural woods or totally zen designs that does not bother anyone. Hotels that suggest endless corners where you can rest for a while ... or enjoy the classics of cinema, on a screen floating above the ocean. This is Maldives! International hotel companies committed to the natural environment of the area, creating foundations to raise and protect endangered species such as baby shark, turtles, to release them when they reach adulthood.
A tip from Sergio Viladomiu of Villas del Mundo Travel Experiences: enjoy this paradise of the largest marine biodiversity in the world. A two-day cruise, sleeping on board and visiting almost inaccessible islands, all seem the same but each has its magical corner.
Practice your favorite aquatic activities or try the one you always love, Maldives is the place!
And do not miss the experience of luminescence: Maldives also has some amazing surprises during the night: a unique natural spectacle called "sea of ​​stars". The correct term is bioluminescence or biological light and is basically the bright blue glow reflected by marine microbes or phytoplankton, when disturbed. In short, another unique experience in this destination...

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