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Beach club in the city, or how to extend the summer ...

Surely you would like a much longer summer too, right? Above all, enjoying the holidays, the blue of the sea and the music, walking barefoot on the sand... We can not prevent September, but we have a trick to extend the summer and the back to reality is much more bluish... The beach clubs in the city!
An aperitif with sunglasses, a super cool beer after work or dinner under the blue of the stars in September, has a lot to do with prolonging that unexplainable feeling of summer... Until now, you had to go to Ibiza, Mikonos or St. Tropez to enjoy an authentic beach club. Wonderful umbrellas, sun loungers that invite you to eternally spery, always appropriate music at the moment and the best cocktails freshly prepared... The offer is, at present, nothing short of irresistible. It seems that being away from the city was indispensable for the beach club category. But this has changed. To make life in the city much more complete, beach clubs have arrived here as well!
Attitude "more beach please" is the only thing you need to integrate into these urban oasis of happiness. And, almost without realizing it, you will be enjoying a summer afternoon, even if you have to wear a jacket...
Always wonderful views, super summer decoration, a menu of appetizing and light dishes, smiles and good vibes everywhere... We could tell you a thousand and one things about each one of them, but nothing comparable to approaching the "beach club experience" in your own city... Would you like to know about our selection of Beach Clubs that we recommend in our Mediterranean cities?
Nikki Beach in Mallorca
Puente Romano, Marbella
Red Fish, in Barcelona
Isla Marina in Alicante
Do you want to discover your favorite beach club in your city? Let us know... #MyLonbali <3

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