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8 recommendations of the most peaceful, in Burma

When we think of a trip, one of the objectives is to disconnect from the day to day stress, fatigue and noise of the city. Many resort to quiet places. Places where peace is breathed. This is the case of the magical Myanmar, a landscape of temples, sacred places and peaceful lakes.
Today we tell you the selection of Villas del Mundo Travel Experiences, for this trip to Burma:
Yagon: Formerly called Rangoon, capital of the former British colony of Burma. Home of the ancient golden stupa of Shwegadom attracts all the glances of locals and foreigners. More than 1,500 years and millions of visitors make this place a constant reminder of the greatness of these lands.

Bagan: Countless Buddhist temples emerge among the trees to a total of 4,000. The show is amazing, views that will take you to your deepest essence. The music of the Ayeyarwady river. The real wow is the sunset, so organize it to be there at that time. Inside, enjoy the incredible paintings and hear the depth of the prayers of the monks. One of the most popular activities, and not least recommended, is the balloon landscape above the spectacular landscape of the temples, the show is assured since you arrive in Ayeyarwady. Enjoy it calmly! If you have heard about standing Buddhas, ask about the Ananda temple is one of the most revered.

In Mandalay, you can find the royal palace of Shew Nan Daw, a majestic construction made of wood with incredible decorations inside like a statue of a great Buddha. Mandalay is a cultural place, a place of worship and a place of legend, in the Mahamuni Pagoda there is a Buddhist tradition in which one should deposit gold leaf on the Buddha statue to redeem the sins committed and correct the Karma. It is curious to see that after receiving the visit of thousands of devotees the statue is completely covered with a thick layer of gold leaf. An alternative for those who have decided to make an express vacation is Belmond, a cruise that makes a route from Yangon to Mandalay , in three days you can see everything, making stops in the villages and visiting everything.
Shwezigon: This pagoda is located near Bagán, in the direction of Nyaung-Oo. Why do we recommend this one specifically? According to tradition, inside is the clavicle and a tooth of the Buddha. A little further on is Mount Popa, on top of which rises a beautiful monastery where the nats are venerated, ancient spirits whose worship coexists with Buddhism.
Intha: Surely you have seen on occasion an image of fishermen in their canoes, with an oar that they manage with their feet, to have a free hand for fishing. It's in the Ingle Lake. The landscape is incomparable, the lake is surrounded by small floating villages and fields of cultivation. There is the possibility, increasingly scarce, of staying in local houses.

For the more adventurous we suggest spending 2 or 3 days for a trekking & backpack route, starting from Kalaw, sleeping in Buddhist monasteries and local homes. Three days to collect small moments that you will always remember.
In Pang Ling the Eng ethnicity lives; it is accessed through a path of red earth surrounded by a thick vegetation. They are fishermen and they cultivate the land. In their traditional canoes, they form small floating villages and markets for their subsistence. Ah! and a detail that will surely catch your attention, these women paint their face with rice powder and other cereals, and although it serves as a sunscreen it is also a symbol of beauty. In this area, the accommodation is in little hotels on the banks of the river, allowing you to enjoy very close to the life of the place.

The U-Bein bridge is still the longest in the world of its kind. With its 1,200m, this bridge of teak wood and materials discarded from the temples, was built in 1851, so that the inhabitants of the area could cross from one side to another of Taungthaman Lake. Just 4 meters above the water, the experience of sharing this small trip with barefoot monks, tourists and fishermen, in their transit from one temple to another, is highly recommended.
And finally, a couple of off-the-record recommendations from our expert Sergio Viladomiu, for this trip to Burma:


The Road to Mandalay cruise, manufactured by the ex-Orient Express company, in a three-day journey, stopping in different villages. A highly recommended experience to live up close the area, the people and their customs…


Waking up early to participate in the offering to the Buddhist monks from the temples, a deeply enriching experience ...


And so is the Burma of Villas del Mundo, Travel Experiences for Lonbali ... in a few days, the largest concentration of the world of stupas, pedaling between Buddhist temples bathed in gold, a balloon ride, sharing the offering to the monks at dawn and walk across the longest bridge in the world ... What else can be imagined?

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