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Brand Concept


Lonbali is born of a three-dimensional reinterpretation of the world of complements where there is not a single woman but several that adapt to the different facets of her life. A globetrotter woman, who is a mother, studies, works, travels and even takes time for herself. It is the pursuit of recovery of the basic functionality, to suit a multifaceted woman.

In a world of fashion that tends towards standardization, Lonbali is born as a fresh and different alternative. With its variety of prints and the unmistakable seal of the house, Lonbali makes each product unique, versatile and once timeless.

As we can’t choose between London, Barcelona or Bali, each Lonbali complement easily adapts and match to your every-day look.

Brand Concept

Three… the number of the perfect harmony.
“Omne trinum perfectum”
(Every number three is perfect)