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About us

LONBALI is born of the perseverance and tenacity of three Barcelona brothers that have been running around the world for years, capturing their essence and trying to apply it to their creations. María, Sole and Marc, who, despite their artistic heritage as sons of Purificación García, they use their maximum inspiration in shaping their daily life in a new, natural and different ways.

London, Barcelona and Bali. Three localities that shine for being special in something and, together, make up the explosive cocktail that conveys LONBALI. Mary is the efficiency and the calm. Sole, the boil, the molotov cocktail. Marc, the youngest of the three, the point of balance.

Despite they grown up surrounded by fashion, this trio tries to translate with LONBALI the different attributes that have rise to a mélange appropriated to the current life. In a world where the same woman is a mother, hardworking, interested in trends and at the same time needs elements that make her day-a-day more practical, LONBALI offers the consistency, streetstyle and chic touch of personalization required by today’s women.

About us